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What's in a name?

It had been a dream of mine to name my company Pacific Canadian, being very popular with shipping lines, rail networks, and traders across the Pacific ocean. In 1999 while registering my company with Canada Industries when asked for a name I gave Pacific Canadian - representing major shipping lines as their agent in Canadian Ports with this name was a very attractive proposition. However, the Govt would not approve this name as it was already registered by a major rail network.

The Registration Authority suggested that to avoid any ambiguity I instead use PACAN (PA for Pacific & CAN for Canadian). Thus registered name was PACAN, however, for all other purposes like e-mail, letterheads, business cards etc., I could use as PACAN Liner Services Inc. This was a compromise I could live with.

Who is at the helm?

Captain Sarwar
Captain M. Sarwar

I have extensive merchant shipping experience and have sailed the seven seas in my 17+ years service starting in 1967. The last five years I sailed as Master Mariner finally retiring from active sea duty in 1984. During this period, I visited numerous international ports gaining invaluable experience dealing with cargo related issues, port authorities, ship management and customers.

For the next nine years I served as the Deputy Regional Representative at the Pakistan National Shipping Corp. office in Lahore, Pakistan. During this phase of my career I acquired broad ranging experience developing Dry Ports in the Northern parts of Pakistan. This shore job allowed me to interact with national business community and provide assistance with their exports and imports needs - helping them grow and prosper.

When I established PACAN in Montreal, Canada in 1998 I brought 26+ years of rich and unique commercial shipping know-how and trade connections to the table. These unique credentials have not only helped me immensely in my business, but also enabled me to offer second-to-none services to customers based on this extensive knowledgebase.

Past, Present and Future

Throughout the years from inception of PACAN (end 1999) to present time I have worked extremely hard to cement the name PACAN Liner Serivces Inc. as a competent and reliable business partner. My company is now a well known and a trusted name in the shipping industry.

PACAN Liner Services Inc. has achieved a new milestone of offering Ship Husbandry Services in any Canadian port for foreign vessels. PACAN is currently close to acquiring vessel husbandry account of foreign vessel owners sending their vessels towards Canadian Eastern , The Great lakes, and Western Canada.

Contact Information

Captain M. Sarwar

PACAN (Pacific Canadian) Liner Services Inc.

4850 Rue De Horta Laval

Quebec, H7W 0A9, Canada


       Cell: +1 (416) 997 8054, Business: +1 (514)-985-0202, Fax: +1 (514)-985-9889

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