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Frquently Asked Questions

What does the company name PACAN stand for?

It is contraction of the words PAcific and CANada. You can read more about what led to this name in the About section of this site.

How long has PACAN been in business?

The company was founded in 1998 and is proud to be continuously serving a wide cross-section of happy national and international customers.

Does PACAN offer land, sea and air freight business?

Yes, we offer a complete suite of services for all modes of shipment. You can find more details in the Services section of this website.

Does PACAN also offer services other than freight forwarding?

We handle much more than freight forwarding. For instance, inland logistics, handling specialized cargo and cargo damage surveys are a few of the other services. See Services section for details.

Is PACAN capable of handling international freight forwarding?

Leveraging our strong and reliable network of international agents/partners PACAN is ideally positioned to meet and exceed customer requirements for Int’l freight forwarding.

Who are typical customers served by PACAN?

Our customer base includes people from both private and public sectors. We have served a variety of industries like auto, oil drilling, clothing, dairy and IT, to mention a few. We take great pride in being aware of our customers’ cultural background by ensuring our solutions are customized to their preferences and requirements.

What is Ships Husbandry ?

Ships Husbandry is all aspects of maintenance, cleaning, and general upkeep of the merchant shipping hull, rigging and equipment of a ship. PACAN is proud to announce that this has been recently added to our list offered Services.

Contact Information

Captain M. Sarwar

PACAN (Pacific Canadian) Liner Services Inc.

4850 Rue De Horta Laval

Quebec, H7W 0A9, Canada


       Cell: +1 (416) 997 8054, Business: +1 (514)-985-0202, Fax: +1 (514)-985-9889

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